Citizens Co-Op Workers on Strike

Workers at Citizens Co-Op in Gainesville, Florida are on strike over unfair labor practices. After a majority of the workers declared support for the IWW-affiliated Citizens Co-Op Workers Union, co-op management fired 5 union supporters. Federal law recognizes the right of workers to organize, and prohibits employers from retaliating against workers for their union activity. Despite the law on the books, bosses routinely use retaliatory firings and other unfair practices to bust unions and deter workers from attempting to organize.

The best defense against these illegal and abusive tactics is direct action based on solidarity among workers. Please support these workers by contributing to their strike fund, and by contacting Citizens Co-Op and letting them know that union busting is disgusting and very uncooperative.

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Support striking Sisters Camelot workers

Canvass workers at Sisters’ Camelot in Minneapolis have been on strike over the organization’s failure to recognize and bargain with the IWW Sisters’ Camelot Canvass Union. Shortly after the strike began, one of the striking workers was fired. The union is demanding immediate recognition, and the reinstatement of the fired worker.

Sisters’ Camelot, is organized as a non-profit collective, and declares itself to be devoted to the values of “community autonomy, human rights, global solidarity, equality, economic and social justice, anti-authoritarianism, and sustainabilty.” The organization’s anti-union conduct is inconsistent with these values.

The union has issued a public Statement of Support for the strikers. To co-sign, send an email to¬†SistersCamelotCanvassUnion @ gmail . com, giving the name and any title or affiliation by which you’d like to be identified.

This Day in Wobbly History

IWW_is_comingOn January 2, 1905, a conference of industrial unionists issued an Industrial Union Manifesto, calling for an industrial union congress to take place later that year. The resulting “Continental Congress of the Working Class,” at which the IWW was formally established, took place in Chicago on June 27, 1905.